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Test & Keep the iPhone 5 - Expired Listing

Rumors about the improved capabilities, hardware, and software of the new iPhone 5 have been circulating for months. Be one of the first to know its secrets when you test and keep an iPhone 5 for free.

As predicted, the iPhone 5 has a slimmer body, measuring 0.3 inches versus the 0.37 inches of the iPhone 4. Contrary to predictions, Apple has increased the screen dimensions on the iPhone 5, increasing its height to accommodate an extra row of icons on the home screen. In response to consumer complaints about the glass back cracking, it's now mostly metal. Inside, the new iPhone house an A6 chip, which is reportedly two times faster than its predecessor.

Since many Apple fans were waiting for the release of the iPhone 5 in order to upgrade, sales were suggested to be huge; now that analysts have seen the final product, projected sales have increased to 22 million for the month of September alone. Never satisfied with their current successes, Apple will continue to improve on the iPhone 5 so that their next release will receive the same warm reception. Rate the useability, functionality, speed, and appearance of the iPhone 5 when you test one of the new models at home. Participate in the Online Gadgets program to test and keep a new iPhone 5 for free.

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